Bleak Existence

Window panes are not transparent anymore

Rays of light have to strive harder to come in

Although uninvited, few blank spots do relent

Once the windows reflected clarity and happiness

Now stained with sighs of perpetual melancholy

The four walls tired of echoing the daily narratives

Decrepit and flaky walls portray weariness

Creaky wooden floors abhor the daily footsteps

Voicing their displeasure through the cracks

The dim lights glow with owlish patience

Struggling to remain relevant in the gloominess

Decaying wooden doors do not look inviting anymore

Dreary demeanor with paints of yesteryear

Somehow bears wintry nights with endless shivers

The entire house once built with hope and desires

Now draped in a bleak appearance of neglect

After many years of sorrowful existence and tears

Mildewed walls remind the dampness of life©

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