The Recluse

The meditative recluse Epitomizes the placid nature of Life There is a glowing aura Emanating from omniscient knowledge A mountainous repose Undeterred by the distractions The Elements of Nature reflect calmness Profound silence, a source of joy An awakened soul can hear Deep narratives of the Universe Providence blesses the meditating recluse© Continue reading The Recluse

A Storyteller

My heart is a storyteller Narrating the wanderings of a mind Time does not have any measure From eternity to eternity Aimless wanderings are inspiring Life’s always a faithful companion Stories from the heart are captivating One who listens knows my heart© Continue reading A Storyteller


Faces wrapped in blank expressions Unusual mist is an impediment to the vision Labouring to recognize another apparition Feet used to the daily grind of Life Everyone capitulating to the superficial duties Original ideas of life on an anonymous detour When the mind is occupied with banality Relentlessly trying to connect the dots of existence Even though most of the dots are missing Stretching our imagination … Continue reading Everyday