Tired Feelings

Tired feelings need some rest

Before they become completely wary

Of the daily travails of life

Place them in a safe place to recuperate

Trust the doting soul to take care

Assay the present sentiments of life

Without becoming bitter and unrealistic

Take time to introspect the journey ahead

Till the time tired feelings are rejuvenated

Life will approve of the positive vision

One who wants to walk a different path

None can vilify an indomitable character©

2 thoughts on “Tired Feelings

  1. My great-grandfather had a tree outside his house where he would “hang his worries” each night before entering and greeting my great-grandmother. He told me that the problems were always out there, if he chose to pick them back up in the morning. He died shortly before his 70th wedding anniversary.

    Beautiful post!

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    1. Thank you so much.Tanya, thank you so much for sharing an inspiring anecdote. Your great-grandfather, a man of immense wisdom knew life and more importantly how to deal with it. Such souls are rare and people around them are blessed to be able to learn about life.

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