A New Day

First light breaches the night’s barricades Streaming through with mirthful intensity A wonderful interplay displayed on nature’s stage The transformation of darkness is inevitable At this crucial juncture night bids goodbye There is a flurry of activities in the sky Creases ease out to unravel a fresh canvas New day is ready to chronicle events in fresh ink© Continue reading A New Day

Life and Choice

Life was conceptualised without the blemishes of discrimination, arrogance, hostility, and the usual disregard for any life on this planet. We are not supreme, which has been proved by our less than adequate behaviour while dealing with the planet and its inhabitants. Our sharp intellect has caused harm by severing the eternal cord that connected us with divine existence. It’s evident that lives on this … Continue reading Life and Choice

When Innocence is a Disguise

Sometimes, innocence is just a disguise A conniving heart yearns to lure An unassuming simpleton Unaware of the vagaries of behaviour Simple crack can capsize a boat Staying afloat under pressure is an effort Sinking without a fight is a choice Reflections do unmask the true identity Displaying the sinister face of reality Before ripples affect stability of life It takes courage to survive a sinking … Continue reading When Innocence is a Disguise