Life and Choice

Life was conceptualised without the blemishes of discrimination, arrogance, hostility, and the usual disregard for any life on this planet. We are not supreme, which has been proved by our less than adequate behaviour while dealing with the planet and its inhabitants.

Our sharp intellect has caused harm by severing the eternal cord that connected us with divine existence. It’s evident that lives on this planet are waiting for some eternal intervention to align the minds with the true purpose of life. It’s been our fate to breach the sanctity of life and become mechanical in our approach. Today, there are many opinions that are born out of twisted intellect.

Our minds are continuously conditioned to abhor happiness and to perceive the feeling as a curse and chimaera; we ought to change the course of fate. Peace, happiness, and love are a reality and every life is given a fair share of positivity. It’s time to realise the true calling of life and encourage minds to generate more constructive thoughts. We may have deviated through the ages, but there’s always a path waiting for us with a fate that we deserve.

Let’s not put them in words and make them routine rhetoric to make an impression but congregate on a common platform of honest intent to make a real difference and see life blossom with happiness. We can dream of seeing happy faces every morning and everyone narrating something positive; an exchange of love and bonhomie can create a bonding.

We have to disown the burden of false propaganda and not be a willing party to ideologies that are not based on honest intent.  If we involve ourselves, directly or indirectly, with such sinister lifestyles, we silently become participants. Any negative act or thought have consequences. Are we ready to face them? If not, we cannot play along and try to choose the positive path that is waiting for us. We can start by respecting life.

We are abusing the planet and ourselves by indulging in excesses; being obsessed with consumerism and the desire to acquire more in life. Our behaviour, that we define as modern life is a step towards degeneration. It is easy to mislead an individual who is not awakened and does not realise the true power of life.

With self-realization, one can choose the right path in life which will lead to empowerment. One must initiate a collaborative effort by being one with the soul, mind, and heart. We write our fate by Karma.

2 thoughts on “Life and Choice

  1. An unlit lamp cannot light another… You are so right… We must delve within and nurture and find our true essence to then allow it to radiate and connect with the like on the outside…
    Our demise is pure unconsciousness..

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