Literature and the Future

Literature will continue to flow, no doubt. Words will be sought after to express emotions in the most creative ways possible. Pure and excellently crafted literature acts as an aquifer and also flows in abundance to meet the vast ocean of literary world; to enrich it with an honest and brilliant craft.

Brilliant literature has unfathomable depths and requires an effort from a lifelong student to decipher the various facets. The thirst for quality literature is insatiable.

It is important to remember, before creating any genre of literature, that a writer does not walk the tangential path; where there is the only pride and relinquished creativity, to portray an obsessive dream that affects the foundation and pillars of great literature.

If any literature can withstand the test of time and stay relevant at any age; they usually gain a cult status and devoted readers revisit them to be inspired.

Positive inspiration will lay the foundation for future generations to develop the taste for excellent literature and prepare them for the art storytelling through creativity and continue the legacy. Rich literature evokes different perceptions every time they are read or discussed.

Works of literature may be like the scratches and surface etches, or mere arrogant carvings around the altar of literature, which no one pays attention to.

Strive to reach a status where literature is revered by the readers of any generation. It is only possible by being a humble student and reading classics to find inspiration. Classic literature is priceless and outweighs any wealth.

Any excellent piece of writing is rich in imagery and the complex feelings explained in simple language.

An accomplished writer reflects humility and is always appreciative of others creative pursuits. They will not shy away from spotting a good writer to encourage them to become excellent in their genre. Their greatness is in their simplistic character and not limited to their work of Art.

It is important to inculcate the habit of creative thinking combined with critical thinking, to create Art of any genre with devotion and clarity.

4 thoughts on “Literature and the Future

    1. I thought you would like this one, Tanya. Sometimes, literature needs a wake up call to bring all its students to a realization that we are here to make an honest contribution and offering to the classic and rich literature.

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