The Summer Anecdote

The anecdote of a sultry summer day trickles down to flow incessantly, tracing the contours. One has to get used to a fluid definition of humidity.  The surface of the skin glistens in the most alluring way but causes utmost discomfort; here is the paradox of a tropical weather.

Sun is the happiest and in a jovial mood, to oversee the distribution of heat with equanimity. It burns itself to get entertained with the enormous flares that can reach outrageous temperatures.

Wonder, if this makes the Sun the ultimate hero, who can keep a calm demeanour in the midst of tremendous heat. In fact, it thrives on the extravagant display of energy that is generated from its core.

Here, we mere mortals, many miles away, feel the heat and excessive sweating narrates the ultimate discomfort. Calling it a sultry day somehow softens the impact and we have found ways to beat the heat (not in the literal sense) as much as possible.

Summers are the days when we abhor the magnanimous behaviour of the Sun and wished that we are served a cocktail weather, with juicy ingredients to make it more bearable. It is during this weather, our imaginations run amok, hoping to navigate through the vast expanse of icy cool landscapes.

The stillness and lethargic movements due to Sun beating down on us are the casualties we have to accept. Writing about summer in the most exquisite and intriguing way possible is my attempt to pacify the weather with a fair amount of dignity and reverence. Hopefully, the Sun will be pleased with my attempt and bestow me with the power to deal with the heat.

11 thoughts on “The Summer Anecdote

  1. Extraordinarily articulate! Am simply amazed at how you are able to describe such mundane occurance with words throbbing with vitality. I had attempted to write about the blazing heat of the summer in my blog, but it can in no way be compared to your effervescent writing. Kudos to you and the written word!

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 Your wonderful comment and appreciation for my work means a lot. Summers can be inspiring, we only have to feel the laziness and how life slows down due to the intense weather. Thank you once again and best wishes to you. 🙂

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      1. That’s true. Life indeed slows down in the unbearable heat. I used to think how much our productivity on a work day decreases when compared to a day with favourable weather. Still, whatever pace we take, we need to keep going…

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      2. That’s true, but summers also allow the siesta. 🙂 Writers always adopt a pace that is different from the world, so we seem to romanticize every situation, which may not be favorable for everyone. Imaginations can take a writer to a completely different world.


      1. It’s cold here this weekend, so the sultry sunshine in my mind was welcome. I spent a good part of my day with the window in my office open listening to the prattling drumbeat of the cool rain.

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