The Night

The quietness of some night is rather unsettling. It’s a silence that carries an unusual authority to instil some unsettling thoughts; nothing sinister, but hovering around the inner boundaries of the comparatively deeper unknown.

There is no way to identify the origin of the silence which pierces through the stubborn facades of existence. The universe is complicit (not attached with a negative connotation here) and has decided to play with the frantic nerves to penetrate the feeling deep down through the membranes of the cautious mind.

The mind enters a state of quiet frenzy, with no visible signs of panic. This panic symptom is contrary to the usual reactions that are expected under such circumstances. An extremely calm demeanour does not reflect the fraction of the inner suspicion. There are millions of sparks occurring in the mind, trying to comprehend the prevailing scenario.

A mind is diligently trying to penetrate the veil of anonymity of the unnatural silence that envelopes the night. Breathing becomes monotonous, as vibrancy of the air is missing. Inhaling stillness seems to freeze the blood and the nervous system gives a paralysed expression.

Only the mind is exclusively agile and is on an overdrive, working laboriously to identify the true nature of this night. There is nothing ominous, but a deep mystery attached to the closely knit ecosystem.

If air is almost non-existent, then it urges the mind to analyse the true composition that one is breathing to support life. This is the time to decide, whether to explore the unknown or proposed dimensions of existence, to arrive at a credible answer explaining the unusual phenomenon.

Maybe, it’s a sign, that life is now completely aligned with the true nature of the universe, that is tranquil and miles away from the illusion of time. It could be a reflection of life in the purest avatar.

Being aware of the various degrees of silence, the night embraces me closer to its bosom. Nights have always been mysterious, but to comprehend it entirely, one has to surrender completely. To be One and feel the pure rhythm of silence.

4 thoughts on “The Night

    1. The nothingness is intriguing. Sometimes it gives a feeling that this type of night is born out of a special phenomenon in the universe; as if the silence wants to convey the answer we have been looking for.

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      1. And often it does… our thoughts are not fully our own. They are combined with a much larger consciousness. Sometimes it quietly knocks, seeking to break through.

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