Some conversations are surreal The exchanges from our heart linger Every word sharpened with intellect Simple language spells clarity Collected realization of two recluse Conversations, out of world experience Or, includes the entire universe Where dimensions of knowledge meet Tow souls, away from the commotion Thoughts shared, from purest origin When the mind has conjured Divinity Conversation awakens the souls© Continue reading Conversations


Relinquish the languages Stay away from the translations Do not consider the various reasoning Logic that sprung enthusiastically From overworked minds, out of boredom Put away the cloak of usual life Mundane designs in brocade To make them appealing to the eyes Emulating the masses is exhausting Learning the exact ways to communicate Similar views never clash Meekly blend into the life’s cauldron Slowly brewing … Continue reading Relinquish

Love and Attraction

Love goes through an identity crisis as it is relegated to the definition of attraction. Eyes are quick to jump to conclusions and convinces the heart to believe the feeling to be love. Attractions are ephemeral and soon vanishes into thin air, exposing the reality and leaving the heart vulnerable. With self-realization it becomes easier to comprehend true love and come out of the projected … Continue reading Love and Attraction


Possibilities are many Blessed by the eternal nature of life We do not have the time to identify Or, differentiate between contrasting realities One reality is eternal and spells freedom Another, a walk through confabulations Comparisons drive the subliminal world to alter A topsy-turvy relationship with reality Our own creation on doubtful foundation Without knowledge of the eternal possibilities When there’s a hurry to live … Continue reading Possibilities

The Celestial Crucible

My eyes were searching the skies Soaking in the tranquility of night Today, the moon resembles an ivory crucible Exquisitely crafted by the night craftsman Chiselled with the Divine tools with perfection The open window did welcome the dreamy glow Precious artifact from the divine world Graced the night sky with eloquence It urged me to fill the crucible with my dreams Tonight, I shall … Continue reading The Celestial Crucible