Possibilities are many

Blessed by the eternal nature of life

We do not have the time to identify

Or, differentiate between contrasting realities

One reality is eternal and spells freedom

Another, a walk through confabulations

Comparisons drive the subliminal world to alter

A topsy-turvy relationship with reality

Our own creation on doubtful foundation

Without knowledge of the eternal possibilities

When there’s a hurry to live life

Rattling journey, with wobbly steps

Arriving, yet, the heart feels insatiable

False desires fuel an unnatural thirst

We are drowning in the useless possibilities

Travelers without real itineraries of life©

7 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. “Travelers without real itineraries of life”

    Wonderful piece, Amitav! The last line, in particular, is so provocative. What are we striving for? And if we stay on that path, where will we end up?

    It is dreadfully easy to end up lost, despairing and internally destitute.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. Let me explain it a bit- We have to learn to be more inclusive. Include life in the purest form without the embellishments that we have created and has been our distraction. Life is always simple, but becomes difficult when we burden ourselves with the unnatural pursuits of excesses. We are lost in moralities and in identifying the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ according to our convenience. Having said that, nature believes in balance, if we did not have everything in the right proportions theere would be no equilibrium. When we indulge in excesses, we create an imbalance in our life; we want more that we can do justice to, because of our greed. Our sufferings are created due to the choices we have made throughout the existence of humanity. Today, we are not aligned with life or out of sync and we suffer from mental trauma which hurls us towards the vortex of wrong choices; we are less informed about life. Realizing the immensity of the soul and life will help lead a healthy life.

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      1. We generally believe in the bodily experience and want to satisfy that need, forgetting that the body is the temporary abode but the soul (life) itself is eternal. When we open our mind and allow the subconscious to narrate the lessons of life, we will be more at peace and come closer to comprehending life. We are pursuing man-made things, which are not natural. Today, we lack peace because the mind and body is tired and spending time in negative environment. We just have to pursue life; simple, yet, not a believable concept in a modern materialistic world.

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