A Duel

There, the gleaming sword of ignorance Never rusts, coated with layers of fabrications Flaunted with pride, to hack off roots of knowledge Embellished with new lies, every day Looks threatening, but lacks courage Sharpened with unskilled hands in mundane grind A flawed design, a replica that will falter Will be easily defeated by sharpened wisdom Without engaging in a duel© Continue reading A Duel

Hollow Space

Strolling across the hollow space A state of meaningless action amidst chaos When the busy outside world subsides New motions in life embolden the steps You, and only you, a new reflection A moment of solitude dawns There are no more disguises Vocal cords find the strength for an inspiring speech After deliberations, voices echo true sentiments The hollow space reverberate with freedom Fate changes course … Continue reading Hollow Space