A Duel

There, the gleaming sword of ignorance

Never rusts, coated with layers of fabrications

Flaunted with pride, to hack off roots of knowledge

Embellished with new lies, every day

Looks threatening, but lacks courage

Sharpened with unskilled hands in mundane grind

A flawed design, a replica that will falter

Will be easily defeated by sharpened wisdom

Without engaging in a duel©

7 thoughts on “A Duel

  1. Brilliant, Amitav! Each word holds significance, and your imagery is impressive. I love the idea of the sword of ignorance having layers of protective fabrications and embellishments of lies. I can “see” it in my mind’s eye.

    Each word that you write always holds significance. They are words to be pondered deeply.

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      1. True, the world events that are happening are not positive and is causing immense turmoil in humanity. But yes, we have to trust the universe and things will work out in favor of life.

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