Knowledge and the Journey of Life

We always have given in to temptations; we have created many throughout the ages and with faltering steps and eager intent walked into the sphere of a make-belief world.

We believe that we gain experience by living these temptations and then begin exercising our mind to compare. Our success and failures, as we have come to perceive them, are all in comparison with how others are faring in society. We bring upon us deliberate euphoria and frustrations, based on the outcome of our experiences.

Rarely, have I heard anyone speak of surrendering to the temptation of knowing life and the individual self. We embark on a journey without comprehensive knowledge about our purpose and the true nature of life. We speak of spirituality and philosophy and try expounding the theories we have read or were narrated to us.

We forget that both the subjects require an individual to introspect, as there is no definitive path. Theories that have been postulated can act as a guide, but one has to surrender to the temptation to know life, without influencing the mind with borrowed knowledge and perspective.

As there is no definitive path, one has to engage in a conversation with the soul and convince the mind to focus on the possible ways to explore the unknown dimensions of life. I am utterly amazed that we always have used the mind to complicate life and create a world surrounded by false perceptions. This behaviour is inherent and is commonly seen across any age group.

One has to create a path(s) and completely have faith in the ways of the Universe. The existence emits subtle hints, which are picked up by awakened minds. Remember, when you live in comparison and your actions revolve around the philosophy to impress others by trying to get ahead of the non-existent competition. We unnecessarily queer the situations in life and remain oblivious to true knowledge.

Whenever I engage in a conversation in the social milieu, be it a party or any gathering (or, could be any social event) there is an urgency to dominate the space. Such behaviour is very common when there is less self-belief and the mind is filled with too much available information.

When the mind is crammed with too much information and is not in a position to analyse their veracity, it becomes a precarious situation. Information is not knowledge. The mind can be both creative and destructive. True knowledge comes from within, when one is aware of life and has the capability to analyse life.

If catapulted to a higher position with knowledge learned by rote will always be harmful. One does not know what to do with the knowledge and diverts the mind towards manipulations. It gives a false sense of superiority and leads the individual to subjugate others.

Real knowledge and clarity about the Self inspires the individual to be modest and show gratitude towards life. It is never a good idea to relegate the eternal nature of life with meaningless competitions and destructive behaviour towards society; which will eventually lead to self-destruction.

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