Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon

Nature’s segregated-between real and unreal

Duality of characteristic casts a concerning shadow

One holds the ancient values, 

The other a bio-engineering rebel

So many predictions go haywire; their unpredictability

Creates an ethical tussle between old and new

The wind conspires with the original species

Not the ones adorned with fortified nutrients

Evoking a new plan to find common ground is entangled

Indecisive Nature reflects the complacency of human psyche

No one wants to adopt Nature in their simplicity

Till then we shall have to bear the inclement weather©

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon

  1. Lovely thoughts! I don’t know why I find thoughts about dualty so appealing. Maybe because if you think about it, we all have dual personalities, one way or another.

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  2. ‘Morning! Remember you wanted a heads up on when I’d put up a piece similar to your recent one on placid waters, ripples, etc? Well, I have, so if you’d like to head across? Cheers, buddy, have a good weekend!

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