The Mind and Freedom

The mind is not a spool

To be wounded with loose threads of disparate knowledge

Assimilated from hearsay, hypotheses, and unpredictable sources

The foolish mind will be entangled

Trying to bind all possible real knowledge with the threads

And limit the flourishing flow of true knowledge

A mind that vacillates between dark abysses 

Trying vehemently to propagate the memorized prejudices

And finding ways to gain relevance in the world of pure knowledge

Without clarity, the mind hallucinates with contrived ideas

Awkwardly wound in threads that inhibit freedom

The mind is eternal as the universe and is to be explored

A truth and realization can free the existence©

10 thoughts on “The Mind and Freedom

    1. Well, first of all where were you my friend? 🙂
      I haven’t read any writing from you in recent times.
      Yes, that true my friend, we are so (dis)illusioned by the concept of Time and Space and unscientific approach toward life, we have gone wayward.

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      1. Hey, of course. 🙂 Come on you present such interesting philosophy of Life that they prompts me to introspect and look at life from another dimension. 🙂 Hopefully, you would be writing regularly from now.

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  1. One of my favorite topics
    I’ve also learned in most recent years the mind is discovered in its quiet reverie, mindful meditation. I never imagined such a thing to be true yet it’s undeniable

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