Feeble Love

When love remains bare

Exposed to the harshest summer

The heart has to bear the pain

Robbed of natural beauty and innocence

Love does not flower anymore

Withering buds adorn the garden

Once, there was merriment and colours

Scorching heat deprives the heart of love

Paleness reflects lack of vitality

Lascivious love made the heart a pauper©

4 thoughts on “Feeble Love

      1. Love gives lavishly with no expectation. It exists, but it’s rare. There is a Koine Greek word “agape” that you might find inspirational. Koine Greek had at least four words for the English word “love”. Agape is most closely defined as a “love feast”; but the word deserves its own study, as it defies real definition. Amitav, when you post these daily with no expectations other than the hope that you improve the lives of others or give them something to think about, THAT is what you are giving.

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      2. Tanya, thank you so much for sharing this. You have given me something to ponder on. I will have to definitely look it up. Yes, when I am writing poetry or my articles on philosophy, I just hope to present a different perspective of life, where we all can experience the depth and magnanimity of existence, to make life enriching. Best wishes to you.

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