Realizing our Potential

The human body and mind have immense energy and potential. One cannot harness this entirely because the mind gets distracted and begins wasting the energy in mindless pursuits. From an impressionable age, the mind is coached to function and behave in such a manner that it conforms to the prevailing social teachings. They are more to do with being competitive to find relevance and constant validation.

In this entire process, the mind and the Self are neglected and begin the phase of inner turmoil which is manifested in the behavior and also in the character while facing challenging situations in life. Until and unless an individual learns how to control the mind and realize the immense potential of life, chaos will prevail and will be manifested in the world. The harmony of life is compromised and results in stress.

Our education is institutionalized and does not prepare an individual to concentrate on the human potential. We are equipped with fragmented knowledge and are clueless about true nature of life. We are busy comparing and taking uninformed decisions which impact life in a haphazard way. We have known the art of surviving by destroying everything (nature and its equilibrium) around us.

Destroying nature also weakens the human body. Rather than believing in the immense energy which can keep us healthy we are leading a lifestyle which makes us weak and then seeking a quick-fix solution to repair.

2 thoughts on “Realizing our Potential

  1. This is a powerful message, my friend!

    There is so much potential in each human life; but, if we don’t give our children time and space to explore their unique gifts, they will never grow to a meaningful life. You worded the message beautifully!

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    1. Thank you, Tanya. Well it is true that human beings are not aware of the immense potential of life and of the power of the mind and does not introspect enough to manage the mind and body. Only if we can do that can we journey through life with purpose.

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