Self-realization and Self-obsession

There is a difference between self-realization and being self-obsessed. Self-realization means you are more aware of the self, which is the microcosm of the eternal Universe.

With self-realization, one has humility, gratitude, and the eagerness to know more about the existence, whereas, being self-obsessed an individual will speak in reference to the ‘I’ and express ‘Ego’. Self-obsession is a cage and gives birth to the ‘I know all’ syndrome, repeating the acquired knowledge (without self-analysis) to create an aura. Being self-obsessed, an individual will not have the desire to pursue true knowledge and limit the journey within created boundaries.

With self-realization, one is aware that knowledge is eternal and the entire life is not enough to gain such wisdom. It provides the strength to surrender to the Divine to know more in this ever expanding consciousness. Only humility, gratitude, and compassion will ensure such a beautiful journey.

To know the difference between the two types of attitude towards life will simplify the mind and allow enhancement of the soul, mind, and body. This is real freedom.

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

16 thoughts on “Self-realization and Self-obsession

    1. Thank you, Sharmishtha. Life is learning and with self-realization comes the ability to take right decisions, which makes our life purposeful. The key is to change positively. Wish you a great day.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your perspective. I can understand the experience you have shared here. In fact, we all have to face such situations in society. I just wanted to send a positive message to enhance life by being more spiritually aware and introspect, so we can be more compassionate and have the humility to pass on the knowledge to future generations. We are all born of the same Universe. Hope, this message gets across. Wishing you a great day and thank you for connecting.


  2. So true! ‘I’ attitude is so common nowadays… with self obsession we actually close doors of our own progress. ‘knowledge speaks, wisdom listens’ superb line 👍

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  3. Wow! And great. We often meet the type of people who have a cage of “I know all”. I couldn’t find the exact term to define them… got confused between ‘super’ or ‘sub’ realized. You said the right term.

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