Feeble Love

When love remains bare Exposed to the harshest summer The heart has to bear the pain Robbed of natural beauty and innocence Love does not flower anymore Withering buds adorn the garden Once, there was merriment and colours Scorching heat deprives the heart of love Paleness reflects lack of vitality Lascivious love made the heart a pauper© Continue reading Feeble Love

Effect of Time

As long as you inhale Time You are not free Permeates the entire body Breaching the cells Wraps the mind with limitations Slowly settles between the furrows To manipulate the concept of Life Happy thoughts submerge Deluged by the gushing flow of Time Only little island emerge Where melancholy is a reality Vision drenched with trepidation Creating everything with nervousness Or, hastened by Time towards … Continue reading Effect of Time

Unusual Breakfast

Imagination is spread across in a thin layer Blank page resembles a burnt toast Freshly popped out of the overheating toaster Now the thin layer of imagination melts away Trying to scoop dollops of words to apply To soothe the burning sensation with feelings There, the unwanted feelings are brewing Boiling with rage over the flame of intense debate Nothing seems to be pairing off today … Continue reading Unusual Breakfast

The Mind and Freedom

The mind is not a spool To be wounded with loose threads of disparate knowledge Assimilated from hearsay, hypotheses, and unpredictable sources The foolish mind will be entangled Trying to bind all possible real knowledge with the threads And limit the flourishing flow of true knowledge A mind that vacillates between dark abysses  Trying vehemently to propagate the memorized prejudices And finding ways to gain … Continue reading The Mind and Freedom

Of True Love

True love cannot be wrapped in any adage Without being cloaked in anonymity and a mask There’s never a barrier of expectations between Two pure souls draped in Divine habiliments Without any word being spoken there is consent Love that inspires the happy feelings to flow Infusing the entire existence with vibrancy Hearts radiate the world with eternal happiness Love declares the union of two … Continue reading Of True Love