Silent Mountain

Lingering silence around the mountain The grey monument of stolid rocks Abode of ancient souls in meditation Feeling timid hovering around its proximity The wind loses its way deep into the crevices Howling and whispering with mixed emotions Feels like chanting mantras of nature An imposing presence for eons A challenging ascent of undecorated facade With reverence, the eyes vision the summit A soul decides … Continue reading Silent Mountain

Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon

Nature’s segregated-between real and unreal Duality of characteristic casts a concerning shadow One holds the ancient values,  The other a bio-engineering rebel So many predictions go haywire; their unpredictability Creates an ethical tussle between old and new The wind conspires with the original species Not the ones adorned with fortified nutrients Evoking a new plan to find common ground is entangled Indecisive Nature reflects the … Continue reading Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon


Scenes of melodramatic platitudes Scripted dialogues of exaggerated intensity Characterization of garish fashion Every Act meticulously planned Sometimes, over-rehearsed enthusiasm flows To deliver dramatic monologues Portraying the hidden desires of the heart A dramatist’s imagination captures reality Disguised in painted faces from an era Sometimes masked, to create wilful anonymity Or, stream of consciousness is narrated effectively Reflecting the true desires of the heart It’s about … Continue reading Drama

Knowledge and the Journey of Life

We always have given in to temptations; we have created many throughout the ages and with faltering steps and eager intent walked into the sphere of a make-belief world. We believe that we gain experience by living these temptations and then begin exercising our mind to compare. Our success and failures, as we have come to perceive them, are all in comparison with how others … Continue reading Knowledge and the Journey of Life