In Sleep

The body is asleep Mind is awake and aware Navigating the entire universe Sailing on a ship named Sleep Negotiating the various waves- Harmonizing and turbulent Yet, the sailor sails through Mind is an excellent helmsman Deep into the surreal world Sleep is a wonderful experience An adventure of dreams Thankful for the mind being awake For a journey into eternal knowledge© Continue reading In Sleep

Nature’s Message

There is an uprising in Nature Winds congregate to unsettle the quiet Our endeavors have gone too far- Desires have severed the ecosystem Nature has ways to communicate with Elements To wake them up for some action We have given enough causes for a reaction Hope we are prepared To face the turbulent times ahead  Our idea of creation relies on destruction Without being inclusive … Continue reading Nature’s Message


When you have found yourself in the dark You have finally experienced the divine radiance Aware of the warmth in the coldest time Finding your way sure-footed amidst the traps Dodging the entire world of manipulations When night is not alien anymore, you realize There is no day and night, but only pure existence Differentiating pulls the moments apart Creating hollow spaces of undesirable emotions … Continue reading Radiance

Modern Life and our Perception

Being modern and independent cannot be defined with arrogant, destructive, and escapist attitude. Not being able to engage in comprehensive and thoughtful debate is exposing the weak education system. Technology has become synonymous with social media and numerous useless platforms where many are spending increasing amount of time to express boredom, negative thoughts, and engaging in ugly fights. Increasingly, we use our energy in such … Continue reading Modern Life and our Perception