Modern Life and our Perception

Being modern and independent cannot be defined with arrogant, destructive, and escapist attitude. Not being able to engage in comprehensive and thoughtful debate is exposing the weak education system. Technology has become synonymous with social media and numerous useless platforms where many are spending increasing amount of time to express boredom, negative thoughts, and engaging in ugly fights.

Increasingly, we use our energy in such mindless activities and drive the mind towards redundancy. Most of the modern day creations are not sustainable and cannot augment the quality of life. We are mass producing everything and hence we experience significant fickleness in their strength. The qualities of products are questionable and are affecting the health of the masses.

We are fallaciously sold the idea of stress as a part of our life and we ought to accept it as our fate. We are using the intellect to create such situations and throughout history have sparred against each other with immaturity. Discrimination and the feeling of superiority expose the insecurities. None can survive with weaknesses and the idea of owning everything.

The negative side of corporate lifestyle is showing their true colors as we see unhealthy competitiveness and the desire to accumulate useless materialistic things. Humanity is becoming less compassionate and is ungrateful towards fellow travelers. There is a passive aggressive behavior which is evident in everyday behavior and also increasing nihilistic thoughts.

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