Unfamiliar Morning

Mellow feeling of the morning is missing The playful breeze sulks like a child Tepid morning Sun raging with unusual intensity In a hurry to reach the pinnacle of fury Mercilessly scathing on helpless mortals Water vanishes into thin air, afraid of the heat Unfamiliarly quiet morning As nature’s children are reprimanded today Nothing else to do, but sulk and idle away© Continue reading Unfamiliar Morning

Land of Memories

When you revert to the land of memories The eyes strain to look back at the past Reversing the vision to review life in retrospect Salient conversations start playing immediately Unwinding the forgotten voices in the tracks Erasing the concept of time to get a new perspective Spaces become free from the confines They lose their concreteness and blend together Comparing out of habit and … Continue reading Land of Memories

Reflections on Glass Facades

Busyness is reflected on the glass facades Synthetic dreams gleam under artificial lights It’s considered a sin to indulge in sleep At every hour, numerous reminders to hurry Caged in a virtual world- life is replicated Trying to vanquish the reality we deserve Every possible path carefully designed- They create a maze of life with misguided signs Forever busy, entangled in tentacles of dreams Freedom … Continue reading Reflections on Glass Facades