Fear of Solitude

Thoughts become sparse in a crowd

Mostly engaged in replying to each other

Rapid narration of what the eyes vision

Scanning the surface of life for instant answers

In transit, all the time, never a moment of rest

Exhausted mind seeks the elusive sleep

Fear of solitude and idea of confronting the Self

Deters the traveler from taking solitary refuge

Easy to blend in a crowd, seeking to escape

Busyness severe the vital communication path

Becoming an alien in a crowd is a choice

Facing oneself is solitude requires a valiant heart©

10 thoughts on “Fear of Solitude

    1. We choose to be in the cage of make-belief reality and the web of lies we have created. Fear of solitude comes from lack of consciousness as we do not believe that we can transcend to higher dimensions of consciousness. Regular education cannot open the mind and obviously cannot guide a soul towards such a journey. Mysticism and Spirituality have become mere words and are used randomly without comprehending the true essence. Till then, crowd provides the necessary company.

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      1. Thanks for elaborating. You’re right though, until one transcends into higher consciousness from the programmed make-believe, we look to the people we bounce off of from day to day to keep us comfortable.
        Nothing is really happening though. We’re only going through a round, all action, with no real understanding of what it all means, and where it is taking us. It’s not going anywhere. It is only a comfortable environment. We are missing the true essence of life.

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      2. Absolutely. We suffer from ‘what’s in it for me’ syndrome. We try to evaluate intelligence, and explain everything with science. We like to put numbers and percentages behind everything. Human emotions and feelings are measured. We fail to understand the futility behind our effort to quantify eternity. We do not read the instruction manual of the brain and we prematurely venture out to live life the way we have.

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      3. These are very similar to my thoughts today. We are always looking at it in terms of merely sensory parameters, the numbers, the feelings, and their basic usefulness, but we never really transcend these efforts to see the eternal picture in the outworking of life. Perhaps this is why there are so few Buddhas, so few Jesus, because we are looking at the moment in a physical way, and not the conscious picture of where it all takes us, how it fills out our perception inside.

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      4. Exactly. The ways of Spirituality and the failure to realize that we are all spiritual beings is a hindrance to ultimate consciousness. We fail to concentrate and see the Universe as One. We spend our positive and eternal energy in pursuit of most basic pleasures in life. We cannot channelize the energy or divert it towards a comprehensive way of life. We all have the power but we do not realize.

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      5. Oooh! That is very well said. If we weren’t so physically oriented toward life and more spiritually conscious, none of our present problems would exist. There is that universal picture that we all can come into. In that consciousness all is seen as it truly is. That is where the answers are. The physical motions find us chasing our tail. The eternal motions find us building not of and for ourselves, but of and for the Oneness that already exists.

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      6. We create commotions and problems because we are so unsure of our purpose. We go through a dark labyrinth. We believe what our five under-developed senses tell us to, nothing beyond that. The journey is to go deeper, within.

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