Land of Hyperbole

Listening to the speeches in the land of hyperbole Cloaks the reality and moral timbre of narrators Adjectives have never been abused so favorably To soften the definitions of scathing social satire Sesquipedalian humbugs become magnified in mirrors Adjectives come to the rescue to keep afloat mediocrity  Glorified inadequacy is revered in the land of hyperbole© Continue reading Land of Hyperbole

Reading the Imagery

Imagery tries to capture every emotion Paints life with eloquent literary finesse A collage of feelings and life’s subtle details Encompasses the nature of all life in paradise Even dissonance is presented with a rhythm Poetic license infuses life into daily monotony The truth peeks through the composed lines Read well to comprehend the real meaning  Lines of poetry will reveal the supine meaning Pay heed … Continue reading Reading the Imagery