The Crucible

Few drops or rain fills the crucible Torrential rains caused it to overflow Belligerently lashing at it with thousand whips Crucible can’t keep steady for long It loses balance and tilts over in exhaustion Emptying itself of all the collected rain Cracks appear and soul seep through them Few drops of rain nurtures life In excess, it inundates and uproots life Beleaguered crucible ends the journey … Continue reading The Crucible

Fear of Unknown

There’s fear of the unknown Feral eyes try to shred the veil of mystery Obscuring the path ahead in life Untamed instincts dance like raging flames Alien feelings direct the heart Spasms of fright run through the spine Beads of perspiration cling to the skin Reflecting the face of fear  Mind’s door is bolt tight due to fear of unknown Consciousness remains an enigma, in … Continue reading Fear of Unknown


Everyone wants to savor the errors As an initiation to reality of life Self-proclaimed journey of arrogance It is this life or nothing- Arguments reverberate across existence While errors give a conniving smile Every generation loves to taste the exotic Compilation of life’s saga  Errors repeat themselves as per order© Continue reading Errors