A Feeling and Commotion

When we do not comprehend a feeling

We become obsessed with it and scrutinize

Mere superficial curiosity translates to various definitions

On the stilts of words a feeling called love travels

Navigates through treacherous terrains of complexities

A pure feeling is jolted to the core across tumultuous journey

None realizes love beyond the physical

Till then the commotion with the feeling will persist

Love has lost its fervor in the misconstrued pursuit

A feeling being used to vilify unassuming souls

So many writings on love end up like a heap of scrap

Everything deluged in lust remains submerged in dark abyss

Love withers away when the physical attraction wane

Proclaiming love to be the culprit with a devious soul

We are too weak to accept our fault of not comprehending love©

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