Prevalent predicament indicates that humanity being busy is not yielding any positive outcome. We are embracing the idea of busyness because we have been taught or indoctrinated to lead such a life. Otherwise, we risk being called a lazy bumpkin who does not believe in the useless comparisons and has a subtle and easy approach towards life. Anything that is simple and easy raises many eyebrows in times of created complexities.  


4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. I’ve noticed as well, lately, that many stay busy only to keep their mind off of unpleasant realities that they should attend to and conquer. What a strange world we live in that equates busyness with worth, when the opposite may very well be the case: thoughtfulness, consciousness leads to true moral and human value.

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    1. These are problems which have run through the course of humanity. We have chosen the way of life and created this reality from our thoughts. In fact, we think too much and forget to listen to our mind. Our voices have become louder and amidst the cacophony we do not wish to listen to the true nature of reality. Only if we could hold our thinking or rather over-thinking, thus, creating a world of hyper-reaction. We react a lot because we are unsure of our existential reality.

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