Fate of Happiness

Happiness lurks in a decrepit world

It has taken refuge after insolent times

It’s soul been damaged by constant apathy

Hide-n-seek with sorrow and happiness

Sorrow is a chosen feeling of mankind

The mind briefly feels happiness and discards

Fear of too much happiness

Is considered to be a myth over life of hardships

Reality painted in dull colours

Heavy expressions and sighs burden the journey

We have chosen our fate through the ages

Wisdom failed against distorted reasoning

Happiness can only peek at life in trepidation

If only happiness got a fair chance in life

The sombre world would be coloured in love©


5 thoughts on “Fate of Happiness

  1. Lovelyyyyyyy… you maintain amazing frequency, and that too doesn’t affect the greatness of your work, i sometimes wonder how😊Well secrets are beautiful! Keep it up👍

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