Reality of Love

Nurture yourself with Love If you wish to love someone Love is a cycle of life Do not spin it too fast Allow Love to guide the soul And be a master of your mind True Love has pact with Destiny Let Love burn slow for long Illuminate the life for eternity Be yourself, not a replica Love gets confused Clarity of Self reflects true Love© Continue reading Reality of Love

Do Compete

As long as you are competing with yourself to emerge as a better person, every day, it is the most difficult task you have at hand; whereas, any other competition that exists in the world are nothing but trying to prove yourself in comparison to others. Euphemistically put, one who can inflate the Ego bubble bigger.  But, there’s always a simple needle of wisdom which … Continue reading Do Compete

Nature’s Love

Love is, the early morning sunray Conspires with the soul for new ideas Love is, the tranquil flowing stream It’s clarity sparkles like winding necklace Enhancing emerald curves Adorned with love and nature’s plan Love is when an acorn is nurtured To germinate into a towering oak  Whispering the secrets of the ground By ruffling the crown of the tree Winds pick up the stories to be … Continue reading Nature’s Love