Quest for Life

Relinquish the ordinary pursuits

There’s no merit in debating the clichés

Walk a different path, preferably a solitary one

Choose not to follow or lead anyone

Create a trail of acquired wisdom

For any soul who wishes to follow that path

Believe in the profoundness of silence

Your heart and soul will speak universe’s language

Enough on pondering on the mistakes

Comparing who has made the least or more than you

A reflection of the universe’s reality

It’s the only reality to follow eternity

There are no ways defined, but create the one for you

Save energy for the arduous journey

Ordinary pursuit in the make-belief world isn’t reality

Enough of arguments of the ‘I’

There is no existential value without universe’s consent

Gather your senses and listen attentively

Life is not a walk-through but a virtuous journey©

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