Reality of Love

Nurture yourself with Love

If you wish to love someone

Love is a cycle of life

Do not spin it too fast

Allow Love to guide the soul

And be a master of your mind

True Love has pact with Destiny

Let Love burn slow for long

Illuminate the life for eternity

Be yourself, not a replica

Love gets confused

Clarity of Self reflects true Love©


7 thoughts on “Reality of Love

      1. Graduation season.. My daughter has finished high school and will be leaving home.. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the thought of it.. I already feel hollow… Selfish I know.. But I’m working through it.. Particularly hard day today…
        Thank you for asking… It means a lot…

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      2. First, Congratulations to her and my blessing and best wishes for success in life. I know it’s difficult for you, and you will need time to adjust to it. Not selfish; but a Mothers heart always feels protective about her child. Be well, Taruna and take care.

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