Communicating in Silence

The most intense communication When silence meets silence When words cannot be trusted For feelings may be given a spin Wrung out of the truthful intentions Wobbly on their feet Finally, feelings are topsy-turvy A forced tête-à-tête has ears aching Nothing communicates like silence The truth conveyed from the soul Patience, till the world sleeps Silence will deliver the truth  Eyes will envision the real emotions© Continue reading Communicating in Silence

Reality and Illusion

One soul realizes the true nature of reality Another believes existing illusions are real Too many thoughts have created life’s graffiti Both the reality exists and run parallelly Two souls meet to begin a conversation Heart’s are already too distanced  Existential reality of the universe is challenged Illusion is wily and tries to beguile the senses An awakened soul realizes the sinister plot Reality stays for … Continue reading Reality and Illusion