Reality and Illusion

One soul realizes the true nature of reality

Another believes existing illusions are real

Too many thoughts have created life’s graffiti

Both the reality exists and run parallelly

Two souls meet to begin a conversation

Heart’s are already too distanced 

Existential reality of the universe is challenged

Illusion is wily and tries to beguile the senses

An awakened soul realizes the sinister plot

Reality stays for eternity and expands every day

Illusion has short-lived fate after instant fame©

2 thoughts on “Reality and Illusion

  1. Everyone has a differing reality. Always an interesting contemplative incite . It truly puts in perspective the smallness of our individuality and for myself inspires a more reticent humble tolerance

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    1. A debate on reality and the philosophy is an interesting and never-ending one. But to put into perspective our infinitesimal nature in the eternal reality is a matter of unexplored dimensions and higher consciousness which can be realized when mind transcends the limitations we have embraced.


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