Step into the Night

Step into the night

Night becomes magical

Forms spiral staircase

Of dreams you wish

Darkness is a decoy

To invite you

To a different dimension

Feel the texture of night

So smooth and alluring

Night is intoxicating

A subtle aroma

Lingering with the mist

A spiral staircase

Innumerable steps

Lead to a higher realm

Night is an adventure

In an eternal robe

A new identity

Mystery deepens 

Night becomes intense

Clings to you

Smooth and comforting

Step into the night

To explore the unknown©

2 thoughts on “Step into the Night

  1. My friend, no doubt that the poem that you have written in nice,
    Yet I feel come, let us explore the light,
    Let us explore the life
    That has given to us by Jesus Christ.
    Blessings of God, may be with you
    And may I remain friends always with you.

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