Vibrant Love

Once vibrant love Lay withered and frail Between the creases of the heart Trusted, to keep memories alive A memoir for the soul Feelings never wane Aroma of the soul, still fresh Brightens the paradise With every spark of memory Mind is a generous fountain Cascade over beating heart Trying to nurture the love Till the last beat of the heart Bids adieu to special love For … Continue reading Vibrant Love

Between Words and Feelings

Where there were gaps, one heard gasps Words were sitting afar, showing contempt Feelings could barely pass through the turnstiles Disappointment escalated at all levels Heart started pacing across the emptiness When the mind was traveling in a vague trajectory It’s difficult coordinating a meeting An alliance to exploit the distances To fuel the animosity between words and feelings© Continue reading Between Words and Feelings

A Conflict

There’s always a conflict- Between the inner world and outer demeanor Whether to choose the popular feelings Or, be an individual who quietly makes a point With actions and not being typecast Similar smiles and dialogues To engage the crowd and enjoy the attention Incisive and outrageous sense of humor Exaggerating the deepest insecurity Waiting for the lampoon’s crown Happy to be hiding behind veiled sarcasm … Continue reading A Conflict