Wandering for Happiness

Wanderers searched for a happy place

Imagining to sculpt from the dreams we seek

Everyone looked to breach the rampart 

Seeking freedom and happiness in new valleys

Every landscape was transformed by our dreams

Happiness still was short-lived

Our steps trampled over virgin lands and forests

Too many melodies were composed

Finally, discordant notes destroyed the original tune

Harmony was altered forever

Numerous echoes within went unheard

We rapidly rushed towards happiness 

Although, we were oblivious about nature’s ridicule

Attuned to the discordant tunes

Now, happiness sounds like a jarring note

Now echoes within us have become feeble

We are still wandering in search of happiness©

8 thoughts on “Wandering for Happiness

    1. There’s a simple philosophy of life, happiness is a state of mind one can achieve happiness in the real sense when one is content with life. Unfortunately, we associate happiness with things or activities we do (shopping, holidaying, partying etc.); these are momentary pleasures which one thinks is happiness and thus the activities are repeated and get caught up in that lifestyle. True happiness remains elusive because the real feeling is always neglected which is all along within us.

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      1. Yes, keep life simple and I try to spread that message. Whether people take note of it in a positive way or look at it with disdain is their prerogative. I only wish people happiness and wish them positivity in life. 🙂

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