Fresh Air

The soul searched for fresh air

To wake up the mind from slumber

Stale air inspired delusions

Soul-searching showed the path

To expand the consciousness

Prepare the mind to absorb new consciousness

Inhale and exhale with freedom

Expand the ribcage to accommodate the world

Bold and prepared soul will not crumble

At the slightest tension of expansion

There’s more to experience from Life

Fresh air comes from uncharted territories

Mind must be in supreme health

To comprehend the simplicity of life

Smash the bottled emotions and set them free

Nature will help them retire in peace

Breathe in the fresh air and you will live Life

Without apprehension and fatigue

Challenge the longstanding clichés

Your entire being is in pursuit of new dimensions

Fresh air can do wonders

A soul-stirring experience to awaken a mind©

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