Crowded Path

I will trace not the crowded path

My feet hurt from being trampled

No one stays to express their regret

Meanwhile, someone elbows past 

Race becomes intense through the day

I wish not to live with repentance

Of imitating the unwanted actions

I choose solitude not out of fear

I do not run away from the love

The path I have chosen is not easy

One has to seek direction 

Every bend is a test for the soul

I have the time to sit under the shade

Trees provide me solace

To decide on the next phase of journey

I will travel alone to seek answers

I want to surrender to Life

My love for the world will not diminish

But I will not walk the crowded path©

9 thoughts on “Crowded Path

  1. I loved this piece so much! I wanted to come back to it when I had time to comment properly. The ideas you capture in words are timeless, Amitav! I loved the imagery of being jostled around in the common crowd. It is so easy to become trapped and beaten down in that place, I think.

    Beautiful work, my friend.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tanya. I try to add something to literature and hope they do not get lost as mere words and are wrapped in true feelings, as they can retain their value. Life is a experience, not the usual ones but as a seeker, we unravel the true meaning of life. For this solitude and walking on untrodden path is necessary.
      Wishing you a great day.

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