The Intellect

The intellect sharpened against grit stones Lethal transformation and glint of menace Avenging years of silence with unreasonable beliefs Severing ties with true knowledge of hermits Who have been banished to dwell among mountains To drink from the streams and meditate in silence Here, mayhem by the lethal intellect continues To capitalize on the capital of human labor Wiry sinews strained from the rapid lifestyles … Continue reading The Intellect


Shadows do speak It’s not a myth Faint source of light Enough to reflect Matching edge to edge Shadows are bold Frightens sometimes Deep stare Right at the soul Unseen side of consciousness The plot of life thickens Shadow appears Gets off the back of your identity Creates another Communicates with you In suspended thoughts Gestures at you Unconsciously you interact With deeper consciousness Shadows … Continue reading Shadows

In Emptiness

In the emptiness Life echoes uncanny feelings Like a sleep-walker Guided by unknown hands Gestures the soul to follow The vision is hazy Among the veils of mist Life fades in colors Reflects shades of grey Every step tramples   The original destiny Didactic lesson of life Sleep-walker educates Always slumberous moments Hallucinations tickle the mind Following is easy When eyes are closed And mind retires … Continue reading In Emptiness

Live Life

Waste not the mind with remorseful thoughts   Don’t be pulled away willingly into the world of avarice Trample upon temptations that makes one Soul-weary You will always have narrow path for the usual journey Prepare your own itinerary and pave the path with thoughts Inspire feelings to widen the narrow restrictive ways Push them aside and let them rot in a heap Along the sidewalks, only … Continue reading Live Life