Live Life

Waste not the mind with remorseful thoughts 

 Don’t be pulled away willingly into the world of avarice

Trample upon temptations that makes one Soul-weary

You will always have narrow path for the usual journey

Prepare your own itinerary and pave the path with thoughts

Inspire feelings to widen the narrow restrictive ways

Push them aside and let them rot in a heap

Along the sidewalks, only to be shoveled away later 

Trivialities create a deep crater in the mind

Only to be filled with the negative thoughts that flow in

Judiciously stay away from the lure of mundane glitz

Revive the shrunken world by dipping it in lots of Love

Let Life regain the succulent feeling 

Life will worth living with lots of care and positivity

Paint the landscapes with natural colours of happiness

Play and take a dip in the freshest of streams

Rejuvenate the body and bask in the cheerful day

Your strengths are within you and world resides there

Let it reason with the Universe to travel to eternity

Stay away from deceitful perspectives and negativity©

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