Wind- The Messenger

I conspired with the wind  To give away all my worries The wind will carry them to the mountains Sprinkle them across the landscape Landlocked valley will hold them But the echoes became louder Trying to communicate with my emptiness Now that worries are gone Held captive by Nature Wind, the messenger narrated “They were never worries” I knew not much about life An eternal … Continue reading Wind- The Messenger

Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness Waiting for the Moon to bathe them In pure illumination of Divine light Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them Tallest branches of trees signal When lovers walk out in elegance Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos … Continue reading Night’s Eloquence


Eyes are the storytellers Sometimes happy, sometimes poignant Narrates soul-searching tales Soul is the most honest raconteur Feelings surrender here to be felt Honest storytelling by the eyes The clear gaze delivers the anecdotes Condition of the heart finds expression In the middle of watchful eyes Eyes speak for the entire self Here accumulates the stream of sadness Flows without hesitation A heavy heart feels … Continue reading Eyes