Eyes are the storytellers

Sometimes happy, sometimes poignant

Narrates soul-searching tales

Soul is the most honest raconteur

Feelings surrender here to be felt

Honest storytelling by the eyes

The clear gaze delivers the anecdotes

Condition of the heart finds expression

In the middle of watchful eyes

Eyes speak for the entire self

Here accumulates the stream of sadness

Flows without hesitation

A heavy heart feels little relaxed

As the eyes conveyed the feelings elsewhere

Collected and cradled with care

Some eyes will seek the soul

And weave a narrative of true love

Keep an eye on life and one who loves©

17 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Some eyes will seek the soul

    And weave a narrative of true love

    Keep an eye on life and one who loves

    I always love the image of the eyes as the windows to the soul, offering a glimpse to the lightness or darkness inside a person. The eyes tell the story honestly, as you so beautifully phrased it.

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      1. Whirring blades and the clunk of cogs is all there is in the mind. But the reality you speak of, the one beyond this, is only accessed in the vision of spirit. A whole different realm behind the one we are used to.

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      2. I’m guessing the human as we know it now will cease to exist. One will degrade to a machine form, which humanity has long been headed for in their bio-robotic thinking, or one will transcend the body and transform into more of an etherial soul, a body of Light.

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      3. That being against the laws of nature, will have no support of Nature and will not be able to harness the immense eternal energy of the universe. Dead bodies will be going to the scrapyards or modern labs where they may be fitted with new parts for another journey. The more tinkering we do with genetics and natural anatomy, we are limiting our existence further.

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      4. I agree fully. The more tinkering that goes on, the closer the end is for the race.
        That is why, in accordance with nature, I think transcendence will be the route humanity takes to an eternal form.

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      5. Few. The journey is not for the masses. It has always been the few that have taken us to the next stage in our development, never the masses. The world is constantly being rebuilt on the few as the masses come and go leaving no mean mark on this world. I suspect this trend will not be ending until the few that are willing to take it all the way make up the complete number.

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