Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk

Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness

Waiting for the Moon to bathe them

In pure illumination of Divine light

Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas

Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them

Tallest branches of trees signal

When lovers walk out in elegance

Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk

Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos

Faint music sets the night’s cadence

The eternal philtre carried in crystal stem glasses

It’s time for the night to flow ecstatically

The swishing of the black silk is eloquence©

13 thoughts on “Night’s Eloquence

      1. We have consciousness and we have the senses.. When the right one is given precedence.. Mortal love can take its place with substance and depth…an attraction even the Gods cannot deny!
        Just saying…

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      2. Yes it’s never about finding soul mates as we are already soul mates… It’s about coinciding with those that vibrate at a similar frequency and feel how the unity magnifies its essence …

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      3. It takes genuine perception to magnify the reality when such a beautiful soul is busy thinking about family and loved ones. Some where the individual becomes the provider and spends all the love on beautiful people around. Not knowing to keep some for the self. I am a humble soul, just wanted you to know your true soul.

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      4. I have learnt that I have nothing to give in love or otherwise unless I give to myself first… Many would and do perceive me as selfish and it does not offend me in the least… I make it my purpose to know my soul and consciousness each and everyday, in every interaction and it is an ever unfolding process… There is much to distract and detract in this current world and the effort is constant and vital to me.. Those, like you, serve to steer and encourage me and for that I’m so very grateful..
        Your humility is what makes you precious..

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      5. Absolutely, you are honest in saying that you can only provide love when you experience it within and nurture your soul first. Yes, usually people take that as selfishness, because their demands are not taken care of. You cannot be yourself and always put others before, even if it means neglecting the soul of love. But you are honest about your expectations from life and that’s what matters. Stay beautiful and blessed. Distractions will be there but you know how to tackle them

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