Wind- The Messenger

I conspired with the wind 

To give away all my worries

The wind will carry them to the mountains

Sprinkle them across the landscape

Landlocked valley will hold them

But the echoes became louder

Trying to communicate with my emptiness

Now that worries are gone

Held captive by Nature

Wind, the messenger narrated “They were never worries”

I knew not much about life

An eternal knowledge I was unaware about

As a human I tormented them 

Kept them locked to acquire unnatural knowledge

Locked within, wisdom became worries

For mortals do not communicate with nature

This conspiracy with the wind

Gave me insight about the tenets of Life

And the messenger brought back my knowledge

Rejuvenated by the fresh mountainous air

Blessed by the hermits’ soul who meditated there

I was throwing away wisdom as worries

Willingly carrying unnatural burdens of life

Created realities and monstrosity of devious minds

Today I wish to take a long bath

In the Lethe- River of Oblivion

To wash away the worldly worries forever

And accept the wisdom to meditate on Eternity©

15 thoughts on “Wind- The Messenger

  1. I conspired with the wind

    To give away all my worries

    The wind will carry them to the mountains

    Amitav, you have such a beautiful soul. Next week, I will be writing about Amos and his tree where he hung all his worries, never taking them into his home. You reminded me of all the reasons that post matters. Thank you, my friend!

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    1. Tanya, coming from you, a wonderful person and a brilliant writer is really something. As I said, Amos and the depth of “It’s Okay” comes for souls of wisdom. You had narrated to me how we kept the worries outside the house. Will look forward to read a story which can change lives. As I know how much he has influenced you positively. Best wishes my friend.

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