Be remembered by the beautiful fragrance Emanating from your beautiful feelings A loving heart is a messenger of beauty Anointed in myrrh and surrendered to Divinity The eternal world guides the Spirit Footsteps inspire the Earth to spring blossoming flowers Entire landscape is embraced in contentment Rejuvenating life and delivering the message of Love Blessed with eternity is the soul in this pursuit Trail of fragrant feelings transforms … Continue reading Messenger

Dedicated to Writers

The soul of any writing should be illuminating to reflect the authority and uniqueness of a writer’s truthful creative pursuits.  ~Amitav A writer must strive to enhance literature and be a worthy proponent of the rich legacy of timeless classic literature. Anyone who is into writing and is interested in literature would know that the greatest of writers fought hard to find recognition and space in … Continue reading Dedicated to Writers


My mind has a heart too Apart from the one that balances my life I prayed for a new heart for my mind To feel every thought that occurs It pulsates with the same intensity Translates every idea and consults me We are always in a conversation It’s a task managing two hearts But feelings are more important to me Hopeful journey between the two I … Continue reading Heart