When they Walk Away

When friends or acquaintances choose to walk away or stops communicating with you, it can come as a surprise. In such situations if you ask for an explanation you will always not get a plausible reply. They have their own reasons to pull back or severe the ties.

In the virtual world, it’s more common and now it does not come as a surprise. When they have deliberated on their decision to stop communicating, respect it, and move on. Sometimes, I wonder, whether real life is emulating virtual world or vice versa.

No matter what the situation is, and even if the communication with an individual is for a brief moment, treat the person with respect and be thankful for their presence. Remember the good moments and wish each other the best and move on.

Holding grudges or pursuing that person relentlessly shows you in a negative light. Only with self-realization, you will be able to tackle differences and still hold that person in high esteem. Thank and wish them well, before you continue with your journey.

27 thoughts on “When they Walk Away

  1. That happens with me all the time!
    People keep walking in and out.
    You are absolutely right in saying that we must treat others with respect and gratitude. I have done that but it is often misconstrued by others as my weakness. (Not that I care)

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      1. Hmm..but I happen to be slow as sloth πŸ˜€ I take time in everything I do.
        Anyway though, better late than never. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Haha, I actually still get confused if an internet friend suddenly doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. Although I guess, I don’t pursue them either, because I do know that that’s a bit much. But I do think interpersonal relationships in the real world have changed due to how we view interpersonal relationships in the internet – which is to say, as less important even though I personally don’t surscribe to that idea.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to share your views. Interpersonal relationships and social philosophy have transformed and one has to ponder over the intricate nature of that change in the ecosystem by studying human nature and the philosophy of few generations because such changes do not happen abruptly. There are many social factors which contribute to such changes.

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  3. Thank and wish them well, before you continue with your journey.

    It is a simple idea that speaks volumes to the state of a person’s heart. It is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing, Amitav!

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    1. Always, I believe in making life simple for everyone. And when one has seen enough of life and experienced life can understand the viewpoint I have expressed here in this piece. You know what I am taking about. πŸ™‚ You interpret my writing so well. If writers do not reflect on life who will. In your writings, I find that distinct message that you portray in every writing.

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      1. Likewise, I am learning a lot from your writings as well. Thank you for being there and continuous support. In spite of being so busy with your novel writing you always find time to read my writings and interact with me. Thank you my friend, I feel blessed.

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