World of Attraction

The world of attraction is ephemeral

Walk into it and there are numerous reflections

Dazzling your eyes to create a mesmerizing scene

Nothing is real but rapid creations of askew cognition

When they are bent to fit into a tunnel vision

Crammed with alien feelings to urge the heart to feel

For the reality that has been created for an instant

This ‘instant’ can plant the seeds of lifelong woes 

Forcing you to desire the feelings that leave you exhausted

A transition of the heart and mind can ruin life

Wasted in the thoughts that siphon off your identity

Into a cesspool of another world to pawn your heart and soul 

To the glorified wretchedness of superficial attraction

The field of vision appears to be veiled with thin film

Numerous scratches of desperation make it difficult to view

An escape route to a world of love and beauty

For that, one has to differentiate between love and attraction

Transient moments wrap themselves tight across the heart

Constricting the flow of natural feelings of true love

Short-lived ecstasy turns on the faucet of continuing misery©

29 thoughts on “World of Attraction

      1. I take my time though; you’ve got to admit that. 😀
        There was a time I feared my writings would be criticised badly. But I have slowly starting “not caring” about offending others and at the same time, learning from so many successful writers out here on wordpress. Though I still get a tad worried when my mom reads my posts.

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      2. Did you read my post ‘Dedicated to writers?’ Well, you apprehensions are addressed there and as a writer just write. People criticize even if one sits idle and does nothing worthwhile. Never fear criticism and stop writing. And yeah Moms will always be protective, so can’t blame them 🙂

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      3. Right. I did read your post. 🙂
        My mom also happens to be my strongest supporter and therefore my fear is usually subsided by her sweet remarks about the worst of my pieces. 😀 😀 😀
        P.S. : Don’t know why I am discussing this.

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      1. Thank you! 🙂 You take care as well and keep writing such wonderful pieces to motivate and inspire people like me. 🙂

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  1. Wow.. No sugar coating..Almost brutal Amitav! Masculine eloquence at its best.
    It’s takes much growth, bumps and bruises to be able to accept and understand the truth you speak of…

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    1. Taruna, sugar is harmful for the body, and that too in refined form. 🙂 Jokes apart, this was a gender neutral perspective of the entire concept of ‘Attraction’. Sooner one realizes this, they will experience freedom from the unseen cage which is an impediment to the growth (mind and soul) in real sense. Consciousness based on the physical experience is limiting and ultimate life is lived when one can see beyond such experiences. Simplicity or simple thoughts were always difficult to accept for humanity, no wonder they invented such complexities around them. The results are there for everyone to see, how disintegration is taking place. Truth may be brutal, but living lies and believing in them is lethal.

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      1. Yes so many absolute points so simple clear and true..
        I do see all your writing to be ‘gender neutral’.. Connecting one to oneself and the divinity in this existence …
        My pleasure is to find that consciousness in all things, especially the natural world.. And to appreciate that the transitory can be respected in its place and time..
        We are a divine creation of senses and consciousness and given a finite time of immense privileges to enhance our connectedness to self and the large humanity..
        Thank you for the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue… I kindly respect any of our differences.. Debate is not what I seek only the pearls of your learning and wisdom…
        P.S. I think I’ve completed a reading of your writing.. Will be posting soon😊

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      2. More power to humanity and may every soul find happiness in gratitude and hand down a safe future, for life to thrive with innocence and purity. ~ My Prayer 🙂
        Ahh… the surprise is finally coming. Thank you for taking time to do this reading, really appreciate it.

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