A Quiet Morning

An exceptionally quiet morning There’s dampness in the air Night may have shed tears of melancholy Even the birds chirping does not bring a smile Sun is quiet, hiding behind the clouds Sharing the emotions of a sobbing night Sombre feelings in the wind Grey sky changes the mood of a poet Trees try to shake off the unenthusiastic feelings Crisp winds rustle across the … Continue reading A Quiet Morning

The Candle

The candle proudly stands tall Willing to sacrifice itself Once lit up, the world illuminates Flame dances to the tune of the winds Heat melts the soul and clings to the sides Resembling ivory sculptures Idle eyes capture the imaginary designs Intricately scrutinizes the melting candle Life burns away every moment Candle narrates the purpose of Life Providing light till the last breath Sharing warmth … Continue reading The Candle

Meaningful Conversations

Engage the World in a meaningful conversation.  ~Amitav When people have nothing to say, they always prefer to say something and those who have so much to say are debating with their hyperactive mind, jugglings thoughts, but without any conclusions; there are no conclusions, only ongoing debate. When you debate, you will be allowed entry into the hallowed chambers, where life is discussed from all … Continue reading Meaningful Conversations