Meaningful Conversations

Engage the World in a meaningful conversation.  ~Amitav

When people have nothing to say, they always prefer to say something and those who have so much to say are debating with their hyperactive mind, jugglings thoughts, but without any conclusions; there are no conclusions, only ongoing debate.

When you debate, you will be allowed entry into the hallowed chambers, where life is discussed from all dimensions.

Trail of thoughts lead to another and so on, and the inquisitive traveller is lost in the journey of thoughts. People who speak to themselves may be labelled insane but their insanity runs the course which no one dares to traverse.

It’s a lonely path and complex thoughts have to be tackled with alacrity. When you realise that simplifying is the most complicated process, you are on the right path.

Complicating life is easy, but simplifying it in spite of the surprises thrown at you by the ‘unknown’ is an achievement. 

Every step you take is towards the ‘unknown’, but you are more surefooted when you can question it and extract the philosophy of it as soon as you can. Keeping pace with the subtle and profound changes in the Universe is impossible and one has to be deeply aligned with ‘Life’ to feel the vibration of each change.

This change is to make you a better person and to attract positive energies.

Your aura will exude positive vibes and you will be in sync with the frequent changes and adjust to them. This adjustment will keep you balanced and harmonise the mind and soul.

So, silence is not unproductive at all. Say when you have something concrete to talk about and convey the positive words to the world. Speaking unnecessarily is wasting energy.

Conserve energy to travel that extra mile to search for real answers from the Universe and document them for people to learn. 

Most of the time in your life you waste energy in mindless pursuits, and after a certain time, you feel ineffective. The conversations become dreary and rehearsed, churning out boredom. You are more often reacting to superficial situations of life, negotiating with regular frictions and unnecessary deliberations.

Try to walk away from negativity and dedicate life to alleviate pain and feelings of despair in fellow travellers.

Be the beacon of hope and teach the world the importance of gratitude and humility.

2 thoughts on “Meaningful Conversations

  1. Unnecessary talking makes the life more complicated, while silence and meaningful conversation simplifies all. Very good topic and well explained.

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